Koffee Karousel

The Koffee Karousel is a low cost and compact K-Cup® vending machine. This vending machine is easy to put into office or cafeteria settings, and helps minimize theft of product. This tabletop vendor holds up to 88 K-Cup products and no electricity is required. Multiple coin mechanisms are available.


The USI CTop Vending Machine provides professional, secure dispensing of single serve coffee pods, including K-Cup®. Simple, reliable dispensing and payment systems integrate seamlessly into your current vending business, increasing sales opportunities. Its small footprint allows placement on any standard countertop.

AMS MicroVend

The MicroVend is ideal for vending small items such as single-serve coffee, creamers, energy drinks, and more. It’s a countertop machine with a pleasing contour design. The MicroVend is compact, making it ideal for use in a lounge or office environment. It’s the perfect compliment to any single-serve coffee operation.