Bill Validator

AE 2600 Bill Validator (Upstacker or Downstacker)

The CPI AE2600 Bill Validator comes in both an upstacker and downstacker option, making it ideal for many applications such as vending, laundry or amusements parks. In every utilization, operators experience greater machine uptime and a lower total cost of ownership. The AE 2600 can accept $5, $10 and $20 bills and includes a customizable…

Coinco Vantage (Upstacker or Downstacker)

The Coinco Vantage Bill Validator comes equipped with advanced bill image processing and dynamic sensor calibration, resulting in industry-leading bill acceptance and fraud protection. Quick-release bezel speeds installation and removal, improving access while reducing service costs. Accepts $5, $10, $20 Upstacker and downstacker options Eye catching lights

Currenza Bill Validator

The Currenza bill validator increases consumer spending by allowing customers to pay with bills. It is designed to improve the consumer’s vending experience through its highly attractive bezel lighting and its blazing fast, industry-leading transaction speed of 1.7 seconds. The currenza bill validator provides high acceptance performance of $5 through $20 bills, and has a…