“ams” Products

AMS Visi Combo

The AMS Visi Combo is a combination vending machine that can dispense both refrigerated and non-refrigerated items out of one machine. This machine comes in 2 sizes. The Visi Combo Wide is 39″ in width and the Visi Combo Narrow is 35″ inches wide. This cost effective merchandiser is a great choice to vend healthy…

AMS MicroVend

The MicroVend is ideal for vending small items such as single-serve coffee, creamers, energy drinks, and more. It’s a countertop machine with a pleasing contour design. The MicroVend is compact, making it ideal for use in a lounge or office environment. It’s the perfect compliment to any single-serve coffee operation.

AMS Wide Gem

If you vend products not in need of refrigeration, this is the vendor for you. The WideGem is a full-size non-insulated merchandiser available in various configurations. With the machines large depth, it can hold a large amount of inventory allowing stock to last longer.

AMS Beverage Machine

The AMS Beverage vending machine can hold a variety of beverages such as sodas, energy drinks, water and juices. It is ideal for indoor recreational facilities, schools, offices, medical centers and more. This cost efficient vendor is equipped Sensit® Guaranteed Delivery allowing a high successful delivery rate to your customer.

AMS Slim Gem

The AMS Slim Gem is a space-saver vending machine and the smallest sized vendor in the AMS lineup. If you have narrow space, this machine is your best bet and still offers space for up to 21+ snack items. This machine is easier to install than a larger sized vendor and will save you space…

AMS Snack Vendor

This machine comes in two sizes: a 35″ wide and a larger 39″ wide vending machine. Customers love the simplicity, dependability and rugged construction of the AMS Snack Vendor. You’ll come to depend upon this versatile and cost-effective merchandiser. With the Sensit patented guaranteed delivery system, this machine recognizes when a product isn’t delivered and…