“vendo” Products

Vendo 521

The 521’s small footprint is designed for placement within smaller areas with space limitations. The entire V-21 line is ENERGY STAR Tier II certified which helps promote cleaner air while cutting machine operation costs. KEY FEATURES: Dependable, time tested design, Slide out loading rack, and Shimless vending of bottles & cans.

Vendo 621 Live Display

The Vendo 621 Live Display is an Energy Star rated vending machine that vends both can and bottle beverages. It has a live display for its selections, allowing customers to see the actual product the machine vends. The V621 is larger than the V521, serving 8 different selection of beverages. This machine is flexible with…

Vendo 721 Curved Front

The Vendo 721 is a Curved Front LED-lit refrigerated vending machine. The curved front brings depth and attention to the machine, attracting more customers to purchase. The Vendo 721 is the largest vendor out of the Vendo line-up, and vends 10 selections of cold can and bottle beverages. This machine is flexible when horizontally stack…

Vendo Vue 30

The Vendo Vue 30 is a glass front refrigerated vending machine with a patent pending robotic delivery mechanism that retrieves each vended package and securely places it in the delivery port. The Vue 30 is a smaller footprint vending machine for compact locations. This machine has easy loading product trays and a cassette-style refrigeration unit…

Vendo Vue 40

The Vendo Vue 40 is a large glass front cold beverage vending machine that can vend both bottled and canned beverages. It has a flexible dispensing mechanism, so no shims or kits are required to vend. Product trays pull forward for easy loading.